How To Apply For Aadhaar PVC Card Online

Submitted by shivam on Fri, 12/11/2020 - 15:36

"Order Aadhaar Card" is a new service launched by UIDAI which facilitates the Aadhaar holder to get his or her Aadhaar details printed on PVC card by paying Rs.50/- (Inclusive of GST and speed post charges). Residents who do not have registered mobile number can also order using Non-Registered /Alternate Mobile Number. This card contains security features like:

  1. Secure QR Code
  2. Micro text
  3. Hologram
  4. Ghost image
  5. Issue Date
  6. Print Date
  7. Guilloche Pattern
  8. Embossed Aadhaar Logo

If you would like to raise request to UIDAI for PVC card then you can raise request by using registered or non-registered mobile number. To raise request for PVC you can follow below given steps:-

1 Go to order Aadhaar card page

To raise request for PVC card you need to go to order Aadhaar card page.

official page

2 Enter your Aadhaar number

To order PVC Aadhaar card you need to login for that you need to enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number that you have and you can enter the virtual id instead of Aadhaar number.

enter Aadhaar number

3 Send OTP

Now you need to type the character you see in the picture if you are unable to read the captcha you can click on reload captcha button. After entering the captcha you need to click on "Send OTP button.

enter captcha

4 Enter unregistered mobile number

If your mobile number is not linked with your Aadhaar number or you don't have the registered number then you need to click on "My Mobile number is not registered" then enter your new mobile number on which you would like receive the OTP. however you need to update your mobile number in Aadhaar card. After writing your new number you need to click on "Send OTP" button.

enter new mobile number

5 Enter OTP

You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number you need to check the incoming facility and network connection of your mobile phone some times otp comes late due to server issue at that time you need to wait till you receive the OTP as there is no option for resend OTP. After receiving the OTP you need to enter it and click then you need to click on "Term and Condition" then click on "Submit" button.

enter otp

6 Verify your details

After clicking on "Submit" button you will be directed to make payment page where you need to confirm that the details which are showing for example your name, date of birth, address, photo is right or not if all the details are right then you can click on "Make Payment" button. If your number is not registered with your Aadhaar card then you will not be able to get the details and you need to just click on "Make Payment" button.

click on make payment

7 Make payment

After clicking on "Make payment" button you will be directed to payment page where you need to pay the charge to update the Aadhaar card which is 50rs you can pay the charge through internet banking or through your debit card or credit card.

make payment

8 Download payment receipt

After paying successfully you will be required to download the payment receipt for future concern, in payment receipt there will be a service request number(SRN) which will be required to track the application.

download receipt

9 Track your application

After downloading the payment receipt you can check Aadhaar print status

where you need to enter your Aadhaar number and then you need to enter the security code which is showing in the image and then click on "Send OTP" button if you have the registered number with your Aadhaar and if you don't have the number then you need enter the number that you have given while raising request for PVC card.

check print status

Your PVC card will reach to your Aadhaar card address within 7 working day's through speed post.

Contact US

If you are unable make PVC card through this process then you can get in touch with us at anikadigital we will surely help you.

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